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Nail Polish Staples

11 Jan

OPI’s Today I Accomplished Zero

A few years back, nails became one of the It accessories in Los Angeles. And the beauty industry went wild. We started seeing manicures adorned in plaid, argyle, 3D, photos, piercings, and more. Brands started launching more sparkles, glitter, and metallic than ever before.


I quickly became obsessed with a rich black polish filled with red sparkles by OPI, called Today I Accomplished Zero. I still love that color. It might be the only bottle I’ve ever used up, and now it’s almost impossible to find in salons. Maybe I was the only one who liked it.

I’m often asked if it’s worth buying nail polish since most reputable salons seem to carry a variety. My answer is yes. I like to have my standard go-to shades on hand for touchups. I also know how long they’ve been sitting on my shelf, whereas a salon may use thinner to freshen up older polish.

I love a Tiffany blue toe in spring or bright coral for a tropical vacay, but here are the shades I return to time and time again. NOTE: These aren’t new launches. Some may not be available on brand sites anymore, but might be in beauty supply stores.


TOP ROW (L to R)

  • OPI Center of the You-niverse (Black with subtle silver shimmer)
  • Essie Cocktails & Coconuts (Nude with a hint of sparkle)
  • OPI Steel Waters Run Deep (A perfect glossy grey)
  • OPI Russian Navy (Deep pearlized navy)
  • Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance (Black with purple glitter)


  • OPI Got the Blues for Red (Deep bluish red gloss)
  • Deborah Lippmann Red Ruby Slippers (Black with red glitter)
  • SpaRitual After Party (Muted gold and silver sparkle)


  • OPI Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Super pale pink with subtle gold shimmer)
  • Essie Penny Talk (Coppery rose gold)
  • SpaRitual Mystic (Light taupe crème)


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Nailed It.

16 Dec
Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 5.20.39 PM

Essie’s Belugaria

This was the year of the nail accessory—picking a polish has never been more fun! Some new shades are so decked out, they’ll get noticed before your jewelry.

Gorgeous shades of red, like Chanel Rouge Rubis and Marc Jacobs Desire have me swooning but Essie’s Encrusted Treasures collection is actually a product game-changer.

Each of the 6 colors brings a different look of holiday style. If you ever thought you couldn’t pull off gold glittered nails, I swear these will have you singing a different tune. I don’t know how they did it, but Essie managed to swirl holographic violet glitter and pearlescent gold—and make it not look tacky.

I love Belugaria. It’s like nothing I’ve ever worn. I sh*t you not! It looks like you have rich black caviar beads and semi-precious stones on your nails.

Peak of Chic feels like a winter wonderland. It’s made with snowy alpine white holographic rainbow fringe. So festive!

But my favorite is Hors d’oeuvres – a platinum gold with iridescent silver glitter that will make you wonder if there’ll ever be another color to wear on New Year’s Eve.

Get the collection at essie.com. I’ve included an image of each one – tell me what you think!