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Gina Mari Skincare – Beverly Hills

21 Sep

Sometimes a visit to the esthetician can feel like an hour of boot camp. You get poked and scrutinized and lectured—and sometimes it’s exactly the kick you need. Sometimes.

Visiting Gina Mari Skincare isn’t like that. It’s like going to good friend’s house, where you are welcomed and accepted. A friend who happens to have the coolest machines ever! And you never want to leave.

Sure Gina and the girls will tell you what’s up. They’ll tell you what could be beneficial to your unique complexion, and what’s not worth your investment. They’ll even pay closer attention to some melasma-looking thing that your dermatologist blew off.


Right now — just in time for the Emmys and approaching holiday season, clients are booking Gina’s most advanced body treatment to date: the Birthday Suit.

It’s a 5-step non-invasive fully body procedure that she says will help reduce sunspots, dimpled and dehydrated skin – thanks to some cutting edge technology. Ninety minutes later, your skin is left glowing and refreshed.

I’m gonna say this one is best for the 30 and above crowd. Here’s a brief breakdown of the Birthday Suit treatment:

STEP 1: Full Body Microdermabrasion – Dry & Wet

This works on all the environmental effects of LA-living on our skin. Think: pollution, ultraviolet sun rays, airborne bacteria, et al. Microdermabrasion will exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate new cell turnover.

STEP 2: Exfoliation & Brightening

A light acid wash is applied to fully remove the dead skin cells, followed by Shea butter to leave a brightening effect. Multiple skin irritations, such as psoriasis, eczema and sunburn can be improved in this step.

STEP 3: TriPollar

Here’s where they take the party up a notch. Tripollar delivers radio frequency through 3 or more electrodes to drastically improve the skin’s surface and subcutaneous fat layers.

STEP 4: Z-Wave Pro

 Z-Wave Pro further addresses signs of aging, like stubborn fat pockets, with a sound wave technology. Radial shock waves are used to encourage a tightening in the body’s general connective tissues. Now I don’t fully understand how this works…but after watching the Emmy red carpet, I’d be down to learn.

STEP 5: LED Light Therapy (full body)

Step 5 is based on NASA research that has found certain light frequencies increase new tissue growth and stimulate collagen production. Basically, light energy improves cell energy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 12.47.58 PMWhether you’re in need of a simple facial or a 5-Step tune up… or even just to hang out with some refreshingly supportive Cali chicks, call for an appointment at Gina Mari Skincare.

Gina Mari Skincare

9350 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 204 | Beverly Hills, CA 90212



Experience Swiss Luxury in Bel Air

10 Jan


It’s Golden Globes weekend in Hollywood and I happily spent the first half of my day at Hotel Bel-Air. Not too shabby, can’t complain. Breakfast at Wolfgang Puck, followed by a much-needed facial at the La Prairie Spa.

I really find it impossible to grow tired of Hotel Bel-Air. In fact, if you aren’t from here I highly recommend taking a wrong turn (anywhere!) before turning into the hotel valet entrance. Homes in this elite neighborhood are breathtaking – and those are just the few visible from the road. The mind reels picturing what must behind those other gates and hedges.

Another suggestion when visiting this property: make time to enjoy the Hotel Bel-Air Spa by La Prairie. Don’t just go in for a spa service. Use the steam room (twinkly ceiling lights!), the relaxation room (wonderful treats & tea!) and Do. Not. Skip. The Showers! Complete with an overhead waterfall shower head, 360-degree streams, and warm towel waiting on a heated rack, this will hands down be your favorite shower ever. Short of George Clooney waiting inside to join you, it lacks for nothing. No disrespect, Amal.

Okay, enough shower talk. My esthetician today was Bette. She was lovely, knowledgeable about the brand, and charming with the 5-Star professionalism one would expect from such a facility.

My facial was 60 minutes of heaven – and she didn’t even make me feel like I had to apologize for going almost a year without having one. Truth be told, La Prairie products are so luxurious that they’d probably feel just as effective if she slathered them on me with a butter knife. That said, Bette hit all the right pressure points and instinctively honed in on the exact areas that were concerning me.

She introduced me to a few wonderful products, as well. If La Prairie fits into your budget, you honestly needn’t try another brand. Just save yourself the time. And, if you’re over 30 and serious about fighting signs of aging (!!!), consider investing in the La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil, Ice Crystal Cream, White Caviar Illuminating Eye Cream and Illuminating Serum. It’ll be a decent price tag – but I know you’re worth it.

And by now, you should, too.


The Gift We All Deserve.

23 Dec

BW FacialSo you’ve been working you’re a** off and somehow Christmas is less than 72 hours away. And now you need a can’t-miss holiday gift…

Easy. No one will ever be disappointed with a gift card to Burke Williams spa. The only people who aren’t fans are the ones who’ve never been there.

No matter how stressed you think you aren’t, one trip to BW will teach you that in fact you ARE. But it just isn’t about the massages.

I went in last for an Anti-Aging Facial at the West Hollywood location. Hands (wrapped in paraffin!) down, one of the best facials I’ve ever experienced.

The esthetician evaluates your complexion thoroughly first and then customizes your facial to follow. From illuminating and regenerative concentrates to firm skin, brighten and even out tone, to transformative peptides said to lift and repair damage—this treatment covers everything you need (or that I apparently needed!).

There’s even a scalp and foot massage plus paraffin treatment, so you actually feel pampered head-to-toe.

Wanna show an employee some appreciation – or a teacher? How ‘bout a Shower gift… that you’ll feel better about giving than the bride’s horrible registry choices? Yes, yes and YES. The Burke Williams gift card truly cannot miss.

NOTE: Maybe not the best idea to specify an anti-aging anything on the card. I’m no Miss Manners, but this much I know.



The Advanced Marine Biology Facial by La Prairie

20 Nov

If you’re going to splurge on a facial, take your punim to the Hotel Bel-Air Spa by La Prairie. The Advanced Marine Biology Facial will go down in the beauty books as one of the best facials ever!

From a water-filled hydromat body pillow to hot stones and a recipe of signature sea botanicals, this facial is 90 minutes of absolute heaven. La Prairie products are unquestionably some of the best on the market – but combined with head-to-foot pampering, this combo becomes an escape from daily life. Downside: I actually fell asleep for part of it. Big fail on my part.

If you want to treat yourself to a $300+ facial, this one’s worth shelling out for!

Hotel Bel-Air Spa by La Prairie

701 Stone Canyon Road

Bel Air, 90077


A Classic Day Spa: Burke Williams

28 May

With all the new spas and salons sprouting up in L.A., it’s easy to forget about some of the classics.

But when you want to just “check out” for half the day – like put in some good steam room time, get a thorough facial, or just take an uninterrupted shower—there really aren’t many day spas that compare to a Burke Williams escape.

It had been well over a year since I’d been to a Burke Williams so I was looking forward to my facial this weekend. Plus I’d never been to the West Hollywood location. Side note: There’s nothing like wrapping up a killer week with a spa visit.

From the time I arrived, every staff member I spoke to was beyond pleasant – and actually seemed happy to be there. Like Trader Joe’s, but with eucalyptus and oversized white robes. Everything you’d expect from an upscale spa.

As for my facial, I opted for the new Anti-Aging Facial. Of course I did. My esthetician was Carolina. I liked her immediately. She explained every step as she slathered, massaged and steamed. She was 100% focused on my complexion the whole time. Coming from one of those $25 foot massage places on Fairfax where the guy answered his phone twice mid-massage the week before, this felt special.

Carolina even told me that too much time in the steam room can be bad for your face, specifically your capillaries. Who knew?

The Anti-Aging Facial was done with a custom blend of stem cells and illuminating concentrate that would help my face look firmer, brighter and younger. A paraffin dip for your hands and foot massage made it feel like a heavenly head-to-toe experience.

The jury is still out on my facial results. But I do know that washing my face isn’t nearly as fun without all those peels and paraffin. I think I miss Carolina.