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Show Bynum the Purple & Gold Door

22 May

By now you know I’ve gotta at least blog once per season about the Los Angeles Lakers. So here it is.

Our season came to an end last night. Sigh. We were beaten by a younger team, but I’m not sure about a more talented team. The OKC Thunder played with more desire, that’s for sure. This seems to be a running theme in our organization.

Once again, Kobe Bryant watched 90% of his team play half-assed ball. I’m not saying #24’s a saint or anything (though admittedly he’s my longtime favorite) but there’s no disputing that he shows up mentally for every game. He wants to be on that court and it’s evident by every shot he takes, and every wince on his face. Meanwhile, everyone hates him for one reason or another.

Andrew Bynum on the other hand is celebrated. Why? Because he’s tall? People, he doesn’t give a sh*t. I’d rather have three little dudes who play their guts out every night than one big guy who acts like he’s doing us a favor by showing up for tip-off.

I think Jimmy Buss and Mitch Kupchak keep Bynum on the roster simply for the hope of what he’ll one day become. But he won’t! He will never play with maturity or passion. If the light hasn’t clicked on yet, it’s not going to. I get that it isn’t easy to give up a Big. But how many times do fans have to watch him play and wonder, ‘Which team is paying him?’

In case you didn’t hear it last night, Bynum’s response to what next season might bring was, “It really doesn’t matter to me. I’ll play anywhere.”

Did you hear that, Mr. Buss it DOES NOT MATTER to him. And that’s not just coming from some random girl who knows a lot about lip gloss. It’s coming from the man himself.

While Kobe is still suiting up, how ’bout we surround him with some players who actually care as much as he does?

Just something to think about for next season.

HomeWalk 2011

4 Nov

A not-so-glossy FACT: Los Angeles is the homeless capital of the country. Over 51,000 people are homeless in our fair city.

Join United Way, Kobe Bryant (!!) & thousands of locals for HomeWalk 2011…

HomeWalk is United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ annual 5K Run/Walk to End Homelessness!

Each year thousands join together to do their part by fundraising and spreading the word that homelessness is a solvable problem. All proceeds from HomeWalk go directly back to the community – supporting permanent solutions to end homelessness for chronically homeless people, veterans and families.

HomeWalk 2011 Info:

DATE: November 19th, 2011

LOCATION: Exposition Park (700 Exposition Park Blvd., LA 90037)

TIMES TO KNOW: Registration (7:00AM), Opening Program (8:30AM), Run/Walk begins (9:00AM)

Click HERE to hear how Kobe Bryant is involved!

Click HERE for more info + registration link!

*For those who carry their dogs as accessories: Don’t. Only seeing eye dogs are welcome at this event.


Note to Lakers Fans.

6 May

Dear L.A.,

There’s a lot I’m willing to defend about our fair city…

On any day of the week, I’ll argue that yes we DO have culture here (it’s just more understated)… Plenty of us still eat carbs and have zero interest in having our days documented via VH1… NOT everyone is in the biz or cares about last night’s numbers…  AND WE DO WALK HERE! In fact, we don’t just walk… WE HIKE!

That said, I’m having some trouble holding up my end of the “L.A. Has Great Fans!” argument.

I mean c’mon people…  First we beat up a guy for supporting the wrong California baseball team (disgusting) – and NOW we’re boo’ing our own basketball team?!

WHY are we turning on our own??

It’s bad enough we’re known as the city that can’t seem to celebrate without starting bonfires and trashing patrol cars… but really, boo’ing The Purple & Gold on our own HOME COURT?!?  


Of course it’s easier to support a team when they’re winning – but as fans, it’s our job to cheer ‘em on even harder when they aren’t. Hell, that’s half the benefit of having home court advantage!

This isn’t to say that it hasn’t been a frustrating season for a Lakers fan. They’ve obviously dug themselves quite a hole. And no, the season hasn’t exactly been free of exhaustion and heartbreak. But when has it ever?

The thing is, the Lakers are OUR TEAM. They’re the back-to-back defending champs and we owe it to them (and our city) to suck it up and cheer even LOUDER when they (for lack of a better word) suck.

If you’ve given up hope, so be it. It’s probably the realistic thing to do. But for godsakes, STOP posting your disgust and splattering how much money you’ll save on Finals tickets all over Facebook.

For the rest of us still pulling for ‘em, hopefully these two on the road will be exactly what they need to pull their sh%t together. And if by some grace they play another round in L.A., maybe we can all come together and let ‘em know that WE KNOW they have it in them to win this whole thing!

Like Kobe says, “If you want to make history, you have to do historic things.”  

So good luck to us tonight!


P.S. – If you have the luxury of sitting courtside again… For the love of God, respect the game & players enough to PLEASE sit through the 4th quarter! Guaranteed, your life will not improve THAT much by getting on the 110 seven minutes before everyone else.


18 Jun

Los Angeles Lakers Derek Fisher and MVP Kobe Bryant

Like a perfect Hollywood script, the Los Angeles Lakers fought to pull it out in the fourth tonight. Our LAKERS are the NBA Champions once again! And by default, we are champions, too.

We are the fans. We don’t even make contact with the ball and yet somehow we feel we’ve got some influence over the game. Their wins are ours to celebrate; their losses are ours to mourn.  

And to anyone who says Los Angeles’ fans are fair-weather, you clearly were not at tonight’s game. 

(It’s fair to say that L.A. effs up every celebration with idiotic violence & vandalism though. Honestly, what is wrong with us???)

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