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National Lipstick Day (really!)

29 Jul


Today is “National Lipstick Day.” At least that’s what the web and PR mavens tell me. So who am I to argue.

In honor of said holiday, I’ll share a few fun facts about the beloved product.

First off, it’s been said that the beauty industry remains afloat during a recession or when others are in turmoil because a woman can purchase one lipstick and feel like she’s had a makeover. Instant “feel better” status. I believe this.

Here’s a few you may not have heard…

  • At one point (1650 to be specific), some governments such as the British Parliament attempted to ban lipstick from being worn. WTF?
  • Wearing red lipstick early in the Greek empire signified a woman was a prostitute. It’s still a popular shade in the field, I hear.
  • Rumor has it, Elizabeth Taylor once banned all other women from wearing red lipstick on her film set. Actually, I’ve heard of way worse diva demands and dressing room riders.


Annnnd here are a few lipsticks worth trying if you haven’t yet.


Love this brand. Love this balm. It delivers gorgeous sheer color with SPF, is enriched with Vitamin E & Cocoa Butter, and has a light coconut scent.


This particular color is a distinctive lush nude. This is also my new favorite lip brand. In fact, it’s made with only food-grade ingredients and so free of all the bad stuff that it’s actually healthy enough to eat! Just in case you’re going on Naked & Afraid…you could bring this dual-purpose product as your “one” survival item.


Leave it to Tyra Banks to make a sparkly red and gold shade that’s a universal head-turner on everyone!

Happy Lipstick Day to all!



Know Rodial?

1 Nov

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 7.10.27 PMEver tried Rodial products? They’re pretty cutting-edge and targeted enough to pique my interest–but solid enough that you can rely on their efficacy. The latest Rodial collection is based on a blend of “STEMCELL Super-Food” actives.

As the weather changes, my skin tends to need more hydration so I was happy to learn about this new collection–specifically the Rodial STEMCELL Super-Food Facial Oil.

It’s packed with all kinds of omegas and vitamins, plus an oil I’ve only recently been introduced to: Marula Oil. I know some people shy away from putting oil on their faces but I’m a big fan. Really, leave the zit-fears behind and dab on a drop. You’ll love it.

Marula Oil absorbs quickly and acts as a protective layer. It also works wonders for collagen stimulation – also right up my alley. For a more refreshed look, apply it under makeup in the morning.

Pick it up at SpaceNK and Nordstrom stores nationwide + online at spacenk and nordstrom.